Snake, the twitterbot – an experiment in game design

snake is a procedural fable that uses judeo-christian imagery to show the dangers of unchecked growth, i.e., capitalism [@aparrish]

In this blog post, we present a port of the Snake game to Twitter. We detail some of the (twisted) game design choices we made, along with code (please follow the links) and explanations. The whole project is available on GitHub (100% R) and here is the Twitter account.
Rules are short: a snake must eat in order to grow up. Touching elements of its body or walls ends the game. There are variants for this game, an interesting one being that the longer the snake, the faster the game. We implemented this in our Snake game. Furthermore, there are also multiplayer variants of the game. That, we did not even try to implement it. Continue reading “Snake, the twitterbot – an experiment in game design”