Poster: the character networks of 800 movies (click to get an A0 version).

tl;dr I’m a post-doc in Digital Humanities. See the stuff I’m doing or publishing and my (not always) academic blog.

Currently a junior lecturer at University of Lausanne (UNIL) in the Department of Language and Information Sciences, I hold a Master of Science in Mathematics from EPFL (MA’07) and a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics to Humanities and Social Science from UNIL (SSP’14). My Ph.D. thesis is entitled “Character Networks and Centrality“.

Previously, I have been a Ph.D. student then turned post-doc at EPFL’s Digital Humanities Laboratory lead by Frédéric Kaplan. The post-doc was funded by the Swiss National Library and we released this in collaboration with newspaper Le Temps.

I then organised a hackathon for Le Temps based on their newspaper archives and also wrote a few articles for them and for a blog discussing video games opened recently (Feb. 2016, mostly in French).

My research interests involve approaching questions raised in Humanities and Social science with methods from Mathematics and computer science. Stuff like character network analysis, Twitterbots, game & play studies, social network analysis, social media, data visualisation, historical newspapers and digital preservation.